Saturday, March 12, 2011

Protected and Grateful

The other night around nine pm I was driving to workout. Long story short I thought this guy was turning into the same place as me as he was in the far right lane with his blinker on. So I started to turn thinking I would just follow him. Last min he turns his blinker off gets in the far left lane (at that time I was in that lane) and I tried to move by going right he went left and we hit head on. He was in a huge Dodge pick up and was going over 50. It was a hard hit. I thought at first I was seriously hurt I kept on blacking out. Once I realized what had happened I immediately started screaming that I was 18 weeks pregnant and to please make sure the baby was ok. I couldn't unlock my door because it was jammed shut. I also could not really move my left side at all. Once I was put on the stretcher and in the ambulance I just wanted Nate. I also was so scared for the baby. I kept on saying please make sure the baby is ok. One of my worst fears is to be in an accident pregnant. I was in a lot of pain. After a few hours and a blessing from Nate everything looked ok with me and the baby. I bruised most of my body. Especially where the seat belt was. I almost have felt like I have just had a c-section but I am still pregnant. It's not been the best few days. But I am so grateful to be alive and that my baby is ok . It really scared me because for weeks now I have been randomly saying to Nate that I thought I was going to die in a car accident. I don't know why I was saying this but I just kept on having a feeling that something bad was going to happen to me in a car. So maybe I brought this upon my self.(Stupid to even think this) But it really freaked me out when it happened. I am so grateful for my family and my girls and to not have serious injury's. I have been in two bad accidents now in a Honda Oddesey and I am convinced that this car has saved my life. It has amazing saftey features and I will continue driving one for a while. If any of you have kids in carseats I would highly recommend this van it is amazing! ugh but I will not be taking life for granted. I know that the lord protected me and my baby that night and I am so grateful he did.


The Wrights said...

So glad that you and your baby are okay. Such a scary thing to happen.