Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 2012

So I am going to be better this year with the blog. Life is very crazy with four little girls!
I thought I would write a little about each one of them....

Alyvia Anne is going to be two in March. I have to admit that two is not my favorite age, but she is a pretty good girl. She LOVES her sisters. She really wants to be big like them. She still loves her blankie and thumb and we know that there is much dental work ahead for her:) She loves Barney and dancing around. My favorite thing about her is that every time I go to lay her down we say to each other I love you sooooo much! We are so grateful for this sweet girl and the joy she brings to our family.
Can you tell that these two are best friends? they seriously love each other. They do fight like any normal siblings, but they play way more than they fight. Ava is little miss personality.
She is in Kindergarten and is loving school and dance. She thinks she is a teenager and can remember and recite back anything that anyone says.....we have to be careful. She is a little mom and helper. She will do anything to help when I ask her. She LOVES to get a reaction from anyone that is around her good or bad. So that can be fun at times;) But without Ava I have to admit that life would be pretty dull so we are going to keep her around!
Oh our Faify. She is the sweet caring loving and yet emotional addition to our family. She is so nice to everyone around her. She really wants to be a good girl, but when she wants her way she can be pretty stubborn. She LOVES candy and yogurt! Faith has some OCD she gets obsessed with things and for weeks wont go any where with out that item. She is a daddy's girl and she has him wrapped!
Last but for sure not least is our sweet and chubby Summer Joy. That is exactly what Summer is pure Joy! I have loved every sec of her. I can tell she is going to fit right in with the girls because she is the happiest when she is around all of their pure chaos! I am excited for her to grow and to start to see her personality. She sleeps through the night and there is no better gift to mom and dad than that!